Slutty Ho Bags!!

The following was posted on my Facebook feed yesterday morning by one of my male Facebook “friends.”

For all you ladies getting ready to dress like slutty hoe bags for Halloween then post the pics of yourself on facebook! Remember we have to see you and your children in public, while at your kids soccer game, or at school or at any other function! Have a little respect for your children please!

Slutty hoe bags.

Slutty hoe bags.

Let me say that again, my friends.

Slutty. Hoe. Bags.  (And he mis-spelled “hoe”, but I digress.)


This particular Facebook friend is one who brings delightful entertainment with his ignorant political rants as well as his formatting (he puts exclamation points after each sentence! to add excitement! because he has important things to say!). I can’t bring myself to delete him as a friend because his train wreck comments and status updates punctuates my Facebook experience with chuckles and chortles.

But this particular update didn’t bring on the chuckles. It made me fucking groan.

He had accrued a handful of responses to his update (mostly supportive) until I came to the last response by a female friend of his (who I’ll call Feminist #1) — which was this:

Umm I think YOU should “have a little respect” for women, please! What is this? 1903? “Slutty hoe bags”? Really? Just because a woman is confident enough with her body to possibly choose a costume that shows a little more skin on Halloween, doesn’t mean she is sexually promiscuous, nor does it make her a slut, a whore, or a “hoe bag”. Posts like this make a person seem like they have a very negative perception of women.

Of course as I read her response, I nodded my head and mumbled, “Right on.” I then proceeded to “like” her response. I then logged off Facebook and got my ass ready for work.

Toward the end of my work day, I checked Facebook and saw that I was tagged in a post. Please note that the following spelling errors and over-use of exclamation points are strictly those of said Facebook friend.

Male FB Friend:

[Name redacted] You obviously miss read the post or you don’t know who I am! I love and resect women! With that being said act like a woman when you have children that can see your Facebook! Or your child has friends who can see your parents Facebook! The offense you took from the post does have me wondering about your character and Sonja Essen For liking your post! I like a intelligent woman who does need to shop for a man with her boobs or ass! Rather her intelligence, demeanor, and being classy is enough to stop a man and make a stay a life time!

For realz. Dude is gonna judge my character because I like a post that voiced dissent.

Why do I care?

Well I don’t give a shit what he thinks about me, my life or my opinions. I’m just sick and mother fucking tired of this shit. You know — BLATANT SEXISM.

So I respond to male Facebook friend (MFBF):

 … because somebody questions your post, doesn’t mean that they have bad character. Far from it. It’s called a difference of opinion. I believe [feminist #1] was saying that a woman should be able to dress up how she wants to on halloween without being labeled a “slutty hoe bag.” I agree that some costumes are distasteful, but that’s my opinion — far be it from me to label other women for what they wear on Halloween or any other day for that fact. But I suppose you can question my character if you want — if that’s what you need to do. Happy Halloween!

In addition — I’m curious to know where myself and Feminist #1 stated that women “need to shop for a man with her boobs and ass!”

This was also my first and last comment. I was busy and checked in occasionally to see how it played out.  After a few more back and forth’s, MFBF responded again with this precious little gem.

The very fact your arguing about you doing! You didn’t clearly read my post nor did Sonja! So your type casting my post as a way of thinking and making it seem as if I am a quote on quote “male pig”! You obviously have been abused in some way and I am sorry about that! However, if a woman dresses like a slutty hoe bag and her son or daughter witnesses all of the men making lewd remarks and drooling over said mom! That kid now grows up to understand that a women is to be treated in such way and it is acceptable! My post was to be used as a instrument of how to be a good parent! I certainly will never tolerate my three boys treating women like shit!

I bolded the above statement. And let me just say that shit hit the fan after his beyond ignorant, and frankly dumb-ass comment. Feminist #1 took great issue with the judgement that she had been abused. I mean, the only reason for her disagreement is because she was “abused in some way”?

What a nice way to belittle a woman with an opinion.

In addition, he’s blaming women for their poor treatment. So he’s not holding men responsible for their lewd behavior? It’s the woman’s fault because she “dresses like a slutty hoe bag”? Alrighty then.

He continues:

What will be definitely will be! I never labeled anyone or a particular group of humans! I used a terminology to educate people! Your tangent only made you look vulnerable and hurt by the comment! Your further argument is only building a case against your intelligence! Leaving you suspect to the viewers of the world! I am happy you do have a opinion! You do know what they say about opinions! They are just like assholes! Everyone has one!

Used a terminology to educate people. So wait. He’s trying to educate me by referring to women as “slutty hoe bags.” Got it. And dude. Enough with the exclamation points.

And yes. There’s more.

I prefer to education my kids a manner of respect and love! Seeing women using a holiday to dress like skanks for attention is not what I want my kids to see at their school or on facebook! People forget the entire world can see your facebook! No matter how much you have your privacy setting set!

I’ll just leave the above quote for you to absorb. Try not to chuckle too much.

So this guy’s views were not particularly shocking. These views pervade our media, our society — our lives.

But the real damaging part is what follows.

A woman responds:

Ok I will give you that but maybe it’s because I was raised to not care what other people’s opinions were of me…I work in a male dominated profession an get called every name in the book but I just don’t care. Words don’t offend me. And I truly believe that women who dress provocatively know what they are getting themselves into, NOT meaning abuse or sexual assault but the name calling…

She continues to say:

Once again, someone calls you a whore or slut…WHO CARES!!! Go shed a tear and get over it! People are so sensitive!!!!

A woman who perpetuates misogyny — who accepts it — is the worst kind of misogyny. THIS is a reason of monolithic proportions why we cannot advance feminism. Because the very people that the feminist movement is trying to help is in fact deflecting it. These women are fearful of anything but the status quo.

Why does she think it’s okay to be called a slut or a whore? These are not just words. These are weapons. And she’s tolerating a slew of misogyny grenades because she believes they’re harmless. Really? She feels perfectly fine being called a whore? I find that very difficult to believe.

Here is another example of a female response:

Oh…my word! What a thread! U are right on target [name redacted]! I enjoy using the term -” dirty ho bag” as loosely as possible. There is even a few songs about it .

Oh! Well okay then!

But MFBF continues to dig deeper. He’s really reaching this time.

Us males are subject to a variety of derogatory mannerisms! such as Douche bag, male whore, male, piece of shit, loser, dork,

You’re KILLING me, MFBF. Seriously. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how much is wrong with this statement. And I couldn’t help but snort at the words “dork” and “loser”. As if those names are exclusive to men.

In response, another female makes a comment:

Couldn’t one argue that your interpretation of the phrase WHORE whether meant male or female is indeed YOU’RE OWN interpretation? Arguing that the term “male whore” has a less negative connection in society than “female whore” is just dumb!

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

This is where Feminist #1 responds again:

All of those terms are not isolated just to this topic, save for maybe “male whore”, but even that does not have nearly as negative connotation to the masses as the female equivalent.

Obvs, right?

Okay, so this exchange went on for nearly 140 comments. Most comments were extremely frustrating. But as I was searching the internets this morning, I came across this post titled You’re Not A Feminist If You Call Halloween Costumes “Slutty”, by Chloe Angyal of Thought Catalog.

So I leave you with a quote from Angyal’s piece.

Sometimes the arguments against “sexy” costumes are blatantly regressive and puritanical: women and girls are precious flowers who ought to be protected from the roaming eyes and hands of men and boys who just can’t stop themselves from groping and raping. But even when well-intentioned people couch their arguments about sexualization in concern for girls and women, in claims about gender equality, there are some girls and women they straight up hate: “whores,” more respectfully known as sex workers. For these people, these noble defenders of trick-or-treating girls and women, the act of “dressing up like a whore” is an act of degradation. It’s so sexist, they cry, that in our culture, our good innocent (and, it’s implied, white, and middle- or upper middle- class) young ladies feel pressured to dress up as filthy prostitutes! The hypocrisy, the shortsightedness, the ability to preach gender equality while blithely casting around gendered, marginalizing slurs, is breathtaking.

Now go out and rock those fishnets!

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If You Leave Your Husband, You’re Gonna Ruin Everything

I mean, YOU’RE the one who married him. You made this bad marriage bed — now it’s your duty to lie in it.

Your husband was just an innocent bystander trusting the fact that you loved him. It’s no wonder he’s so angry all the time. You mislead him.

You THOUGHT you loved him. He seemed like a decent enough guy. Now you’re fantasizing about leaving?

How selfish. How cruel. Poor guy, it’s not his fault. If he calls you names, you deserve it. He’s just frustrated. He’s just having a bad day. You need to be a good wife. You need to show your kids that you stand by your man no matter what.

Seriously. Are you having sex with him enough? Oh. Well there you go. That’s the problem. You need to show him you love him. Men have needs. Withholding sex is cruel you know. You really need to put your feelings aside here. It’s about him right now. Not you.

Remember. YOU married him. If you’re patient with him enough he’ll come around. I don’t mean to be cruel but that’s the reality.

Does the above bullshit sound familiar?

That’s what’s going through your brain, right? That it’s your fault? Well it’s not just you thinking this — it’s society. The amount of pressure that a woman has to endure to maintain a happy marriage is fucking bull shit.

I remember a time when I was at a party with my ex-husband when the cops showed up because of the noise level. My ex was almost black out drunk and he was getting really belligerent with the cops. He was in their face yelling and calling them pigs.

Guess what the cops did?

They turned to me and said, “Can’t you control your husband?”

I know, right? Sure, cops. All I have to say is the magic word and my husband will behave like an angel. I know this because I’m a woman and I’m magical. Yes, cops. It’s my fault and I apologize for my lack of control over my husband.

You know what, ladies? This is patriarichal bullshit. It’s time to turn that thinking around. If your man is misbehaving, it’s not your fault. If you tried to talk to him about your marriage and he didn’t listen, it’s not your fault. If he’s not respecting you, then he’s breaking his marriage vows. If he’s not trying to make the marriage work, then he’s not holding up his end of the bargain.

You, as an independent, autonomous person OF VALUE, can tell him that he’s not an active participant in the marriage and it’s over. Yes, it’s difficult when there’s children involved — I’ve been there, I know this — but believe it or not, it’s better for your children to see you stand up for yourself and leave then to stay in a sad, wasted marriage.

I cannot tell you how many emails and comments I’ve been getting where women are asking for help.

If marriage counseling is not working, or if he refuses to go — if he refuses to hear you — if you feel alone in your marriage — please do the following:

Get a pad of paper and a pen. Write down what would make you happy. Make a list. What do you want in life? A better education? A  better job? An understanding partner? A better life for your kids?

Don’t short-change yourself. Write down all of your desires.

Next write down all of your resources. This includes finances, trusted family members, and phone numbers to community resources.

Make a plan. Talk to people you can trust.

A plan that’s in place will help propel you forward.

Please continue to keep me updated, or contact me if you need to vent!

Much love to you ladies!

My Top Ten First World Problems

There’s nothing quite like working until midnight followed by an alarm going off at 6:30AM the next morning to get the kids up and ready for a dentist’s  appointment at 8AM. Who was the genius who scheduled that appointment at such an ungodly hour?

That would be me.

I’m so tired right now. And I’m annoyed at everything.

So here’s a top ten list of my annoyances today. Otherwise known as — my top ten list of my domestic first world problems.

1. Going into the kitchen to unload the dishwasher first thing in the morning — only to find that whoever loaded the dishwasher the night before, put cookie sheets in front of the soap dispenser. Therefore the soap dispenser did not open.  Therefore the dishes were still dirty. Therefore the dishwasher needed to be run again.

2. The kitchen trashcan. I guess when I’m at work, everybody thinks it’s okay to let the house go to shit. Because that trashcan was overflowing like a fountain. Like a fountain of fucking trash. And this particular fountain wasn’t pretty.

3. Laundry. My awesome in-laws were here for a week, and when they left, they folded up their dirty towels and sheets and stacked them neatly by the washer. Nice, right? Well my husband who likes to do things in a hurry, decided to throw them in the wash. Completely folded. So when I went to switch the laundry over, I came across wet folded sheets and towels in the washer. Therefore they didn’t get clean. Therefore I had to run the washer again.

4. Hot water heater. Dirty clothes. Dirty clothes piled up against the hot water heater in the laundry room.

What. The. Fuck.

House fire, anyone?

5. This didn’t happen today, but yesterday I found popcorn kernels in the garbage disposal. A few dozen of them. I guess somebody thought it would be a good idea to rinse their popcorn bowl and wash the kernels down the drain? I guess? And did I mention that we JUST had the garbage disposal fixed?

6.  Raccoons. Raccoons got into the trash cans in the backyard. You know why? Because we don’t have trash can lids! They’re broken — because we bought cheap trash cans. So this morning we had trash all over the back yard. Good times, right?

7. Smoke alarm. And this is SO fucking unsafe. My dear husband removes the smoke alarm whenever it goes off. And the only time it ever goes off is when he’s cooking.  So he just takes the whole thing off the ceiling so he doesn’t have to hear it. Then he forgets to put it back. And half the time I don’t realize it’s not there. So a few days will go by and then I’ll notice that our smoke alarm is not in place. Can we say danger? Can we say death by fire?

And I just want to add that my husband is amazing. Just a bit forgetful. Forgetful in a potentially dangerous way, but still a fabulous person. And I’ll love him forever as long as our children don’t die in a house fire.

8. Clothes. Everywhere. I can never find anything to wear. Who’s fault is that? Mine. I know this. How does this happen? I put my folded laundry on my bed with every intention of putting it away later. Then when I’m going to bed I’m confronted with a pile of folded laundry that I really don’t feel like putting away. So what do I do? Throw ’em on the floor. Like a teenager.

Wait. No. When I was a teenager I slept under my clothes on the bed. Hey! At least I’m making progress — 20 years later.

9. Getting a notice in the mail from the bank that our car payment is late when IT ISN’T. We paid it and have the receipt, but now we have to go to the bank and show the receipt and blah, blah, blah and go through more bullshit to prove we paid it.

10. It’s a gorgeous day outside and I really can’t find anything else to complain about at this time.

And as I was writing number ten, the power went out. I’m not kidding.

The week can only get better, right?

P.S. — I know I’m being a whiny little bitch.

The Alpha Parent Shows Me The Error Of My Ways

I wanted to bestow upon you this image that I came across on

It’s a gem.


It’s pretty amazing, huh?

Amazingly fucked up.

First of all, the image is not original or creative. It’s one of the lactivists most frequent comparisons: Formula as fast food.  Formula as junk food. Formula, essentially, as poison.

I haven’t read very much of The Alpha Parent blog. It’s pretty hard to stomach — my pregnancy is making me nauseated enough.

But I did come across this gem from 2011 titled: Why the way you feed your baby is MY business.  I know, right? A typical, blatant, mean-girl title that’s meant to garner as much attention as possible.

Well unfortunately, this title caught my attention.

I will summarize her blog post for you. Because it’ll be fun.

The way you feed your baby is HER business BECAUSE:

1. If you use formula, you’re saying YES to dead babies in developing countries. Because these evil formula companies (and I acknowledge that they’re not very ethical — they ARE big business after-all) force their food on the poor, illiterate women who end up mis-using the formula. Tragic and awful? YES. Is it prevalent enough for me to go through even more agony so I can provide breast milk that only has marginal benefits compared to formula? NO.

And if this is a major concern for you, research your formula companies. Or go for local formula companies such as Vermont Organics infant formula.

2. She finds the way I feed my baby offensive because she cares about all the diseases/illnesses/bacteria he will acquire from such junk food.

As I don’t use formula you may wonder why I’m troubled by this. However just because I did not give birth to the children suffering or put at risk because of formula feeding, this does not prevent me from feeling compassion for them. I find it short-sighted and self-centred that people expect me to care only for children to whom I have a genetic link.

Essentially — she cares about my children more than I do.  Because I put them at risk by formula feeding. By the way, I’m still waiting for my almost three year old to get an ear-infection from all the formula I gave him.

Yeah, still waiting.


Oh, nothing yet? Okay, well now I’ll wait for another (insert horrible disease here.) In the mean time, I’ll cry myself to sleep every night because she cares about my children more than I do.

3. Formula feeding mothers are ruining the environment. I’m honestly just too tired to deal with this one. That must mean I don’t care about the environment. I hate myself!

4. If you use formula, you’re not a feminist.

Excuse me while I have a laughing fit.

Okay, I’m done.

Consider her far-reaching reasoning:

Furthermore, a common conception of formula is that it aids a woman’s economic mobility through strengthening her role in the workplace. She is no longer tied to a dependant infant and can instead pass a bottle of formula to grandma and return to being economically active. However this perceived benefit is negated by the fact that formula fed children are significantly more likely to fall ill, and numerous studies have shown that a child’s illness commonly results in the mother rather than the father taking time off work (Journal of Early ChildhoodWeimer.JNursery WorldMother and Baby;Working Mums Magazine). Thus when a woman is taking more time off work she is seen as a burden by her employer. This does not strengthen the role of women in the workplace. Consequently women of childbaring age are viewed as liabilities. This is not to mention the strain on employers caused by their employees sick children results in lower incomes for working families, thus reducing income tax revenues which pay for government programs and services that benefit everyone.

So I’m trying to understand what she’s saying here. Is she saying women should just stay home and nurse their babies to further the women’s lib movement? Or we should be chained to breast-pumps to mitigate any illnesses that MIGHT happen? I have an interesting piece of anecdotal evidence (yes I know this is not considered “real” evidence), but my two breastfed children had far more illnesses than my formula fed child. My daughter who was exclusively breastfed, had numerous ear infections as an infant and toddler.

Dear Alpha Parent — perhaps just the act of bearing children is considered a liability — not HOW they’re fed.

So, in essence, you must feed your babies through your bleeding, cracked nipples to prove that you’re not a slave to formula companies. This makes you a strong, independent woman!

Thanks for your concern, Alpha Parent!

5. By formula feeding my child, the Alpha Parent is concerned that I’m contributing to the puritanical idea that breasts are strictly sexual and not for breastfeeding — that breastfeeding women shouldn’t nurse in public. I’m kind of flattered that she thinks that I’m contributing to all these problems — and to my country’s distorted view of breasts. I think Alpha Parent needs to take a deep look at herself and wonder if maybe — just maybe — part of this backlash of nursing in public is related to the lactivists smug, self-congratulatory, mean-girl status — and their scathing judgement on those who don’t breastfeed.

By the way, I think nursing in public is awesome and should be done more often.

6.  She’s concerned about my child’s intelligence. She’s worried he’ll be stupid or some such shit.

The following quote is pretty hysterical:

But why do I care about the IQ of other people’s children? As formula feeding lowers the IQ of the population, this means less scientific advancements. We’re talking about cures for cancers and other diseases, new amenities, new technologies, strategies to combat global warming, and so on.

Ah yes, the Baby Boomer generation produced nothing but dunces — no scientists, literary geniuses, lawyers, politicians, mathematicians, doctors, etc, came out of that generation — all because most of them were formula fed.

7. I’m more likely to abuse my child because I use formula. Apparently. Or something like that. You know, because I don’t care about my child.

But Alpha Parent cares. She cares more than me.

8. My formula feeding choice effects Alpha Parent because I’m producing the spawn of satan. Essentially — my child will be the next Charles Manson — or something along those lines.

9.  My baby is going to get her baby sick. And she cares about that because it effects other children as well. Pretty soon my baby will be getting everybody sick. It’s gonna be like that movie Contagion up in here, folks!

10. She cares that my child will be getting colds and the flu or some such shit. Because breast-fed babies don’t ever get sick, remember?

11. Giving my children formula means that I’m uneducated and will continue to have babies, perpetuating the cycle of poverty in this country. Maybe she’s right! I AM having my fourth child after all.

12. She’s concerned that formula fed babies are going to take all the doctors away from her children.

13. Apparently she thinks I’m anti-breastfeeding, and that I’m hurting other women’s chance at breastfeeding successfully. I won’t dignify this accusation with a response.

14. My child is a drain on the medical community.

And hilariously, Alpha Parent concludes with this:

Just to clarify, I fully defend a woman’s right to chose how she feeds her baby IF that choice is fully informed, free from bias and backed up with adequate support…

I find this statement laughable after she lambasted all formula feeding mothers for being uneducated, selfish, and anti-feminist.


But, whatever.

Excuse me while I tend to my suffering, wasteful, unintelligent, abused, juvenile delinquent, germ-infested, medical doctor hogging offspring. I have a lot of work ahead of me to “fix” my children so they can be contributing members of society.

Thanks, Alpha Parent, for showing me the error of my ways.

How To Leave Your Husband: A Follow-up

Verbal-Abuse-3-oYou ladies are breakin’ my heart.

Seriously. For reals.

Most of the traffic driven to this site are from the following search terms:

How to leave your husband

How to leave your husband with children and no money

Husband is a jerk

No money and mean husband

You ladies make me want to cry. Because I’ve been there. I know how helpless you feel.

I realize some of the resources I’ve posted previously have not been adequate. Therefore my project over the next week is to acquire resources, phone numbers, and links to assist you in your flight from your prison of a marriage.

Just to be clear, these posts are aimed at women in an environment where their spouse is causing verbal and/or physical abuse. If you’re not in that situation, please feel free to use these resources as well. A bad marriage is a bad marriage. Just remember — as I said previously — if you’re the jerk in the situation — OWN IT.

In addition, if you want to talk, please contact me. I’m no legal expert, but I can offer emotional support and a few words of encouragement.

I will try to post the resources within a week as I don’t want to leave you hanging too long.

Much love to you ladies and I truly wish you the best. I hope you find peace in your new journey.

Goat Cheese

So as I try to make this blog all encompassing — as in talking about things other than motherhood — the truth is, I AM a mother.

And I’m pregnant.

Pregnancy is consuming my mind right now. Therefore, I have surrendered to the fact that I’ll be one of those super boring mommy/pregnancy bloggers. At least until February.

I DO apologize. Oh so sincerely. I’ll try to add a few intelligent sentences in every now and then.

I could add these posts to my other blog, but even though that blog is dedicated to parenting, it’s just much easier to stick to one blog. Like a one-stop shop, ya know what I’m sayin’?

So now that I’ve told you that boring piece of news, it’s time to move on to how I feel.

I feel like shit, okay? 

I’m still in my first trimester and I’m fucking hungry. But I can’t eat. Cuz that makes me feel sick. And then I get even hungrier. Then I eat. Then I feel even more like shit cuz food be fuckin’ everything up in the digestives.

Not that I’m complaining. Cuz some assholes would be happy to point out that I got myself into this situation after all.

I mean — we DID get pregnant on purpose. We thought a fourth child would kind of — you know — round things out in the sibs department.

But damnit. Pregnancy is hard. Especially when you feel like shit.

So I guess I have a right to complain — to spew these words out of my brain organ into this blog and out into the universe to whoever the hell reads my captivating words.

So I feel like shit. And I’m tired. But my amazing husband is putting up with me and encouraging me to get as much rest as possible.

I fucking love him.

So to end this post, I just want to say that —

Orange Is The New Black is my new favorite show and I watched the entire season within two days.

All thanks to my husband. Who encourages me to lie in bed and rest. With the laptop.

I guess this pregnancy thing ain’t so bad after all.

And just to add — the title of this blog post is entitled Goat Cheese simply because I couldn’t come up with a title — and I’m really craving goat cheese.

Bitch Wants To Be Nice n’Shit

Nothing will make you feel more like a self-entitled schmuck than being a pregnant lady who feels sorry for herself.

It’s all stupid shit. Like, being pissed off at your husband because he can drink wine and you can’t (not that I’m against drinking wine in the third trimester — because I assure you — I WILL enjoy my wine in the third trimester.) Or getting angry at your husband for taking that one rare night to go hang out with a friend. Selfish? Yes. Irrational? Most definitely. Is pregnancy an excuse for my schmuckness? I really want to say yes — but — no. No, it’s not an excuse.

I got angry at my husband earlier this afternoon for something fucking stupid. Something dumb. And he looked at me with this sweet, incredulous look.

And I felt like a bitch.

So I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and confessed.

I said, “I know I’m being irrational. I’m sorry. I’m angry and I don’t know why.”

And he rubbed my back and said, “I know, babe.”

I really need to work on being nice.


Especially because I have a husband who’ll rub my back and look at me with his sympathetic brown eyes…

And still call me babe. No matter how horrible I’ve been.

Insane Anti-Breastfeeding Lady Is Insane

Just a little follow-up on the breastfeeding post…

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. And frankly this attitude is quite disturbing.

It’s an anti-breastfeeding post by One Sleepy Mom.

Now — I firmly believe that women should be able to make their decision to breastfeed or formula feed without guilt.

And as a woman, I celebrate choice — whether it’s the womb or the boobs.

But that doesn’t mean I blindly support every choice a woman makes. It doesn’t mean that I agree with her reasoning.

And I have to say that I find this woman’s reasoning quite appalling and completely lacking in — I don’t know — logic?

Just a few highlights:

I am personally horrified by the thought of my mother’s breast in my mouth, and my children are extremely happy that mine was never in theirs.  There goes the “bonding” theory.

I just… what?

If you can’t sterilize or boil it, it shouldn’t go in your child’s mouth in my opinion.

Kids put their HANDS in their mouths all the time — do you sterilize and boil their precious fingers?

Have you ever sat across the table from a breastfeeding mom?  They just pull out their breast and go at it.

This has not been my experience. Almost all women that I’ve seen breastfeeding in public have been covered. But if a woman just “pulled out their breast” to “go at it” — I wouldn’t care. I think it’s great! This woman is obviously projecting her issues on other women.

I would NEVER, EVER, subject my child to knowing that my unsanitary breast was in her mouth.  If you choose to feed your child breastmilk, that’s great.  Breastmilk is the best for your baby, and you should do whatever is best.  But before you go shoving things in your children’s mouth without their consent and offending everyone around you, you might want to think about it and invest in a pump.  If you can’t afford one, your local WIC office will lend you one.

And I don’t think I need to comment on this to point out how incredibly insane this statement is. I’ll just let you bathe in it’s absolute lunacy.

Happy Wednesday!

When Your Child Is An Atheist

NOKIA Lumia 710_001391

My evil atheist.

My twelve year old boy is an atheist.

He’s been a self-proclaimed atheist since he was about seven.

The kid believed in Santa Clause, but I guess God was just too unrealistic. I’m assuming his faith in Santa stemmed from the fact that he received presents from a fat guy with a white beard — and not from a guy with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds.

And that’s always been okay with me. I’m an agnostic and we’ve never (as a family) followed a particular religion (although I did grow up in the evangelical church — but that’s a story for another time.) Not having any type of belief system — in my eyes — makes it easier for the kids to be free thinkers. And while I’m not fond of religion, I’ve always taught my kids to respect other beliefs.

Religious tolerance had to be learned pretty early in my home. While my son is a staunch atheist, my eight year old daughter believes “in God and Jesus,” so they’ve already had a few heated discussions about the existence of God.

So my son.

The atheist.

He was sitting in his school cafeteria last week, when a kid (let’s call him Sam) came up to him and asked him if he believed in God.

My son, Ryan, was taken aback by the question — but answered with a “no.”.

To which the kid totally freaked out.

“You don’t believe in God? You don’t believe in God?!” he screamed. Sam started telling everybody in the cafeteria that Ryan didn’t believe in God. Soon other kids were looking at Ryan and telling him he would go to hell for not believing in God and Jesus.

Mind you, this is a public school. A public school in a very liberal community.

Sam then tried to get Ryan to touch his crucifix and “repent.” I don’t know if this kid just carries around a crucifix or maybe had one on a necklace — either way, I found his behavior just a bit disturbing. This kid succeeded in getting the other kids riled up, and soon a group of girls and boys were asking my son why he didn’t believe in God. To which my son replied, “Believing in God is like believing in Santa. He just doesn’t exist!”

Oh. My. God. Well, Sam started yelling obscenities at Ryan.  Then another kid (these are sixth graders, mind you) was upset because he still believed in Santa Clause and Ryan had just proclaimed that Santa doesn’t exist. Sam then goes up to a cafeteria employee and says, “This kid doesn’t believe in God!!” as if tattling would make Ryan see the error of his ways. The employee shrugged her shoulders and said, “That’s normal!” and went back to her work.

Anyway, so the situation died down and my son continued on with his day. When he came home, he was brimming with excitement and amusement telling us this story.

I was glad that he was amused. It showed that he was confident in his beliefs. I asked him if he felt bullied and he said, “No. I just feel annoyed.”

But it bugged me. I wrote an email to his Math teacher (because most of these kids were in his math class) to give her a heads up on the situation, and I told Ryan that if it continued again tomorrow, I would be calling the school.  The only thing that kept me from calling the school that night was the fact that Ryan didn’t seem upset. At all. He was laughing about it and rolling his eyes. And this is a sensitive kid — I would definitely know if he were upset because he cries at the drop of a hat.

But it DID happen again.

The next day, Ryan was waiting outside his math class when a group of three boys started taunting him for being an atheist. One kid had a picture of Jesus on his shirt and tried to get Ryan to touch it. Sam yelled at Ryan and claimed that he lost his crucifix and it was Ryan’s fault. Soon a group of ten or so kids were crowded around Ryan asking him why he didn’t read the Bible or believe in God, and doesn’t he know that he’s gonna go to hell if he doesn’t believe? Ryan said, “I just don’t believe in God!” He asked them why they believed in God and they replied, “Because our parents do!” The kids tried to tell him that God wrote the Bible — a comment that made Ryan very exasperated. Ryan replied, “What?! PEOPLE wrote the Bible, not some man in the sky!” The heated discussion continued in the school hallway until they were let into the classroom. When Ryan found his seat in math class, he said that Sam was staring at him from across the room.

So I picked up the phone and called the school. I spoke with the Vice-Principal and told her that Ryan was being targeted because of his beliefs. She took my concerns seriously, and I gave her a list of students who had been involved. I told the VP that I think it would be great if the kids could have discussions on the mysteries of the universe — as long as there was some simple respect.

The following day, I got a follow-up phone call from the VP who stated that she had a meeting with Sam. She said that she spoke with him about respecting other’s beliefs — no matter how different. She said that Sam was very earnest in his beliefs and had an authentic concern for Ryan’s soul. The kid was literally trying to prevent Ryan from enduring an eternity of fire and brimstone. Which is sweet and all — but a bit — uh — nutty.

I know, I know… religious tolerance and all, but damn. This kids parent’s aren’t teaching him simple etiquette? Simple thoughtfulness of others? Cursing an atheist is Christian love? This child learned this behavior from somewhere — perhaps it wasn’t his parents — but I highly doubt that.

After playing around on the internets, I have found that I’m not alone — obvs. I came across blogs such as Raising Freethinkers which  brought some comfort — and I can definitely share in some of her frustrations. On a side-note I noticed that she hasn’t posted since December — and she needs to post again soon — cuz her blog is awesome.

On the other hand, I’ve had to reign Ryan in from his judgement’s as well — his eye rolling at religion — his comments on how stupid people are for believing in God.

I told him that most of the world’s population believes in something — a higher power of some sort. I also told him that not all people who believe in God think that God is a man or think God is a separate entity sitting in the sky answering prayers. I told Ryan that believing in God is a complicated thing and people have so many different ideas of who or what God is.

I just want to make sure Ryan respects all the different spiritual traditions and religions. Having a religious discussion is fun and interesting as long as all parties are respectful of their religious differences. No name calling. No eye rolling. He needs to be aware of that.

But he also needs to know that the way he was being treated is wrong. It was harassment — even though the children had good intentions. And that’s the thing — religious intolerance always seems to stem from “good intentions.” These types of “good intentions” are just bad. And history has shown that.

This whole situation has me wondering what else is in store for us as we navigate the social tightrope of teen-dom. But with Ryan’s ability to chuckle and shake his head at the situation — I think he’ll make it through just fine.

In closing, I came across a blog post by Atheist Mom that briefly touches on discussing “critical thought and evaluating claims” with your children.

May your week be filled with religious freedom and acceptance!