Bad Poetry Monday

Here are some more adventures in poetry with my 18 year old self.

Yes, posting what I wrote 17 years ago is slightly embarrassing. But it’s also a way for me to embrace my old self.

My young, stupid, old self from 1997.

So it rained again today

As the sun burst throughout the crystal sky

My soul wept again today

Tears as thick as black oil

As I put my mask on

And another gem.

I don’t remember when you apologized for being gone all those years.

I don’t remember when you held my hand and confessed your soul.

I don’t remember talking with you till dawn about everything and about nothing.

I don’t remember watching the stars with you.

But I don’t remember my heart being without you.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I was a bit of a depressive. A depressive who wrote bad poetry about souls, black oil, and skies.

Happy Monday.



  1. dhonour

    (giggling). I applaud you for sharing this. Somewhere in some old boxes, I have some seriously bad 14 year old girl poetry. Only mine were iambic pentameter and rhymed back then. You know, the 2nd one here isn’t terrible. But I must admit I am laughing at “as I put my mask on” as I write this. Kudos to you!

    • sonjaessen

      Ha! I know — I was reluctant to share my old bad poetry. They’re pretty cringe-worthy. But I figured there would be a few people who could commiserate about their bad poetry past. And yes — the “as I put my mask on” line made me want to bang my head against the wall.

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