Why is this blog called Porch Philosophy?

Well — I like porches.

And I like philosophizing about various subjects.

Thus — Porch Philosophy. Where people can read my ideas and thoughts and various philosophies on multiple topics.

I like to hear from people too. As I said earlier — I like philosophizing, but it’s no fun if I’m doing it by myself.

So please join in on the conversation! Feel free to post your feedback/thoughts in the comments.

This site is still in it’s early phase, so it’s not how I want it to look/feel yet — but I’ll get there eventually!

In the meantime…

Welcome to my porch!


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  2. cinammony

    Love your blog! I especially love the “colorful” words. I had been searching the net for all types of divorce advice and it was all too syrupy for me. You got to the point, really quickly, and you made it funny. I’m on step three. Thanks for the inspiration.

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